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Here is the complete chat with Kyle of the so called vip agents Hi! How are you?

CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 helllo Robert Hello kyle I am really upset I just won in the fusion room on b10 and it kept going and gave the win to sautry this has happened before and this time I am reporting it Kyle Do you have a screenshot with the win? CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 it was a 300 dllar win Kyle Tell me the game number please I will also check the records CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 game id 6968731 My card tuned red and all the numbers were marked and it kept playing Kyle From what I see in the game records and my colleagues from Tech checked too You did not have all the winning numbers on the card that turned red CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 its hard enough for me to win here and when I do I cant get it??? OMG Kyle it was just a display error, the card turned red but it didn't have all the numbers on it CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 Thats it Kyle This happens sometimes on the mobile version also CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 I am on my labtop I am so PISSED I will never play here again I WON THAT game fair and square 300 dollar win Kyle You did not have the hourglass pattern CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 I am done here Kyle This is the answer from Tech I'm sorry to hear that But there is nothing wrong on our end And there was no error CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 Lol ok I get it Throufh here I had the pattern I was watching the entre game your techs are wrog I am so angry that is not fair I am tellling you I won a nd had the game Kyle I checked it myself too CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 Why would I lie ???????? Kyle I'm not saying you are lying, but maybe you didn't see that you don't have the pattern CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 I have been playing here for years I know the pattern and I HAD it Kyle Ok, on our end it shows something different CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 I am not going to argue with you Kyle I'm not arguing with you CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 If you dont make it right I am cl Kyle But you are claiming a win without any proof CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 I won that game lol Kyle The game records show that you did not have it CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 woowwww Kyle If you claim that you won you can provide us with a screenshot but from what I checked and the tech team too there was no error If it happens again just take a picture you can even do it with your phone And this way we will see if there's any error But right now they checked the game number and the cards purchased and you didn't have it CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 ok If thats what your telling me how o I go back ain time and get those cards and take a screen shoot Kyle I know you have no way to do that now But in the future if it ever happens again And I will leave a note And you will get the $300 winnings added too If indeed there is an error on our end You just need to snap a picture or a screenshot so we can show it to Tech To prove that they were wrong CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 I have no idea how to do that it gos so fast and you cabt possible take a scrreen shoot your giving me the 300?

Kyle I cannot add $300 because the records show that you didn't win If you get the red card again and nothing happens please take a screenshot next time Or a picture with a camera CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 well I dont have to worry about it because you guys just lost a goood customer Kyle But there was no error on our end, you didn't have the pattern to win the game I'm sorry you feel this way CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 I am done I am that angry Kyle But there's nothing we can do, we can't add a prize without you actually winning it, sorry CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 BAD service I am sorry I havent cashed out here in years all you do is take and now that I FINALLY win I dont get the money UNREAL I am calling the BBB Kyle Ok CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 Thanks for nothiing I am furious with the way your people are handling this Kyle What would you like us to do in this case? We checked the game records and it clearly shows that you did not have the winning card CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 I need your addreess to file the complaint please give me your address Kyle The address is CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 need a postal address please Kyle You can find it on the bottom of the main page CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 there is no postal address just a suite and gaming licesnce Kyle That is the postal address CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 you have already been reported to the bbb Kyle Ok Is there anything else I can help you with right now? CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 not by me by other memebers Kyle Yes, anyone can write anything on the internet There are even bad reviews and reports about the Pope That doesn't make them true CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 well after this situation it makes it true for me I am sure you can understand why I am so upset Kyle I'm sorry, but no CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 I would like you to check my withdrawel history vs depsosits over the last 2 years Kyle This has nothing to do with depositing or withdrawing The rules are the same for all players And you did not have any purchased cards that had the pattern That's why you didn't win CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 so you dont understand whty I am so upset Kyle No, sorry, I did my best to check and to explain why you didn't win And you are making it sound like we cheated you There is no way to cheat players and no one would do that for just $300 CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 I dont understand why you think I would make such a big deal over 300 dollars then if I didnt believe my carsd turned red and had a win why would I be so angry??? if it didnt happen?

Kyle They did turn red But you didn't have the pattern That's why you didn't win It was the hourglass pattern CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 why did my card tun red if I didnt have the win is it a tech problem on your end?

would you be uspet if your card turned red indicating a win and didnt get the money? Kyle Just because the card turns red doesn't mean that you won CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 lol really thats what happens everytime my card turns red here I am appauled at your lack of empathy that just shows me what kind of business I have been donting my money to all of theses years'' Its very dishearting and sad Kyle I'm sorry that you didn't win, of course I'm sure you won other games too and there was no error You can check the next time you see a red card you just take a picture And we can explain why you didn't won win* CashSmittenVixen | VIP3 10:04 am well Kyle thanks for all your help and for opening my eyes have a great day Read

Product or Service Mentioned: South Beach Bingo Casino Game.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Jul 30, 2017.
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You are right. Same thing happened to me. They are cheats.


Just curious...why are you still playing here as of yesterday then? I just saw you win a ton of times. Obviously, you weren't that upset...


Sometimes the card turns red because of the glitch where the last ball from the previous game is showing as called for the current game. I've had it happen to me but when I looked, that number was NOT actually called for the current game.

99% sure that's what happened to you. Just sayin...



Please note that we looked into the situation that you described above and the VIP Account Manager did check the game number that you reported.

The card was not a winning one since the pattern was not completed, and should your card have turned red, it was a visual error that should not happen.

This is also the reason why Kyle asked for a screenshot, so that we investigate exactly what has been displayed and make sure that it does not happen again, to you or any of our customers.

In the meantime, we made sure that all VIP perks are enabled on your account, the loyalties included, that we hope are a reward that will help you see that our main focus is to help you enjoy your time in our site.

Hope to see you online soon.

Best regards, The South Beach Bingo Team


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Hello sir,

Please note that we have reviewed your account and noticed that for each of your deposits with us you have received a deposit bonus. Not only that, but you have also received several free chips between deposits so that you can have a longer play time.

Please refer to our Bonus Rules and Terms and Conditions page to check all requirements in regards to cashing out from free bonus money.

You will also find the wagering requirements and contribution rated detailed to great extent, so that you will always know what criteria you need to comply with for every monetary reward that you receive.

In addition to that, should you prefer playing without a playthrough, please note that we also offer Cash Back bonuses that you can always claim on chat, right before your deposit.

Looking forward to seeing you online soon,

The South Beach Bingo Team

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